15 February, 2012


Hello, big smile for you. So happy when realized I don’t have any work to do. There’s no class for today and I had done my job at office. It’s like when you're stopped for a moment of the things that keep you busy. Usually I went to campus in the morning and afternoon, after that I went to office to continue my work as a journalist, and come back home late at night. It feels very grateful when there is one day where I can pause from those bussyness. I can sleep all day long, watching tv (this is my favorite part when I’m at home), and eat a lot foods and snacks for sure because lately I don’t eat regularly. It might be effect on my weight now. Well, I have a little bit problem with my weight. Every people say that I’m underweight. Yeah I think that so. I’m kinda thin due, now I 20 years old but my weight is not balanced with my age supposed to be. Various efforts I’ve done, but it doesn’t work properly. Although if it’s gain, it's only about 1-2 kg. How pity I am. But I will never give up, I believe someday I'll get the ideal body weight . By now, I just want to enjoy my daily life. Even just because I’m kinda tiny, some people usually assume that I’m a junior high school student, even in fact I’m a college student. Probably because I’m kinda cute and maybe they just don’t know I’m totally smarter than them. Haha, just joke! But let it be.. at least better to be considered as a younger rather than older. Lmao!

Now let’s talk about this post. Sometimes going alone to a wide place like plateau and far from crowds, it could make a sense to the heart feels calm and relax. Just take a deep breath and smile. Feels like all of the sorrows just go away and feels so free. yeah, I do love nature, the beauty of nature can bring a positive impact that makes all seems so happy . That’s why I made this photoshoot with Faisal Djaya. This time, we went to a place where actually I found by myself. Everytime I passed by, I just think that someday I have to take some picture there. And I finally did it! I was so very happy being there, I looked around and found  there just a huge wall of slope and grasses. Although that afternoon was a bit dark because it might be raining, but the photoshoot was running well. Thanks to Faisal Djaya, you totally help me dude!

I like this one the most of all. Looks like a twenty years old nerdy boy who find a new atmosphere to explore the world of internet sophistication.

I can’t describe what actually my style is. Just dressed it as what’s on my mind and as long as I feel comfort though.

Anyway, a few days ago, I met a fortune-telling, he used tarot. I asked him about my career, study, health, and especially about love. For your information, I’ve been crushed with my junior in my campus. I started to like her when I saw her eyes. I don’t know why. It’s just like I’ve been attacked by Cupid’s arrow. Hehe.. that fortune-telling said that I should not hesitate to express my love to that person. I will never know if I do not try it. If I would be reject, there is a lesson behind it all. So I have to try to approach her, show and say my love to her and I should make a song for her because she likes song. Damn! I’m not expert in making a song. Arghhh, its awkward, but he said that so. That fortune-telling really gave me a positive thing, he gave me an inspiration and also motivation. Well, I hope for a lucky love in this lovely month, February. and yeah, HAPPY VELENTINE’S DAY for you! Anyway, how was your valentine? Have you got a lot of chocolates and flowers? Whatever you got, all you have to know that is LOVE! xoxo