22 November, 2012


Hello everyone! I’m trying to remember how long it was since I didn’t open my blog, but times goes fast. I was so happy because finally the last part of Twilight Saga “Breaking Dawn” has released. I watched it premiere and it was such a great part of Bella become Vampire, Renesmee growing up, and Cullen’s family are safe. But the most important is a love story of Bella and Edward will long last forever, for thousand years. Ouch! Such a romantic romance. Well, I won’t talk about twilight too much, because it was awesome and you have to watch it if you aren’t watch it yet. One day before twilight premiere, I was did a random photo shoots because my friend took me to the place that she assume it’s good for taking pictures which is just a few blocks from her house. And in my opinion, that place was not that good, not as great as I expected so I blame her and I feel kinda guilty, but after that I apologize. It’s all okay, I was wore my lovely denim shirt with brown collar in it. But please don’t mock my hair because it looks a lil bit mess coz wind blew it up. In the middle of the shoots, occasionally rain fallen down. It was such a funny moment how we ran out back to house. Nice day anyway.

Hope you like it, lots of love and see you soon.

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03 November, 2012


Well It’s already November, wait, November? Oh God, this is my month. Means momentarily I will officially turn 21. Yeah my birthday is on this month exactly at 5th. I wish nothing too much on my birthday but definitely I wish for the best, in school, in my grade, my healthy, my daily life, all the things I wishes are for the best days ahead. My friend said I shouldn’t be worried because I’m still young but I think in the age of 21 I required to be more mature, wiser, and better for sure. I shall have goals to reach, there are so many dreams that I haven’t chase. I gotta actualize all those dreams and goals and I have to be shine bright. There are so much things have to be done and have to be reach in my new age. Well that’s all about my upcoming birthday, maybe on my birthday later, I will not make any blog posting.

Since I realize I haven’t do any photo shoots for the past two weeks and I don’t have any new pictures to share because after midterm exam I have a lot of assignments to do, so this time I’m gonna share to you some pictures that I took e few months ago exactly in May when I was accompany my friend to do a photo session. I was wearing blue t-shirt because as I told you I love blue and my style is not really well prepared that day. But I enjoyed the moment. xx

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