26 December, 2011


Jingle bell.. Jingle bell.. Jingle all the way.. hehe. Hello guys!! how was your Christmas? You had so much fun right? I had too. I went to my friends house, we had a quality time, sharing peace and joy, we laughed, joked, having so much foods, drinks, cakes, cookies, aah I love them all !! anyway, a night before Christmas i took some simple Christmas pictures using my mac camera. The idea just come directly to my mind when I deciced to give some Christmas greetings to my friends in a different content like picture and yeah, I made it.


How fun this moment. The last final final exam, all my C classmates wore Christmas outfit and attribute. And of course we took so much pictures together. Such a nice moment with them before holiday!! Miss them anyway :D

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, And HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

See ya guys on new year 2012. Hope you guys have an amazing new year eve !!