16 June, 2012


Lately campus thingy makes me dizzy, literally tired, but I’ve survived. I gotta be independent and got my own way to run every single activities and all sorts of matters that I should I finish. Life is not really hard actually, as long as we know exactly how we can face it, how to deal with it, and how to handle it by our own way. I always create my own way to fight for this life. Sometimes being clever is not enough, we need to be smart as well. Just share, few days ago, I’ve got some requirements to register about my campus activity, and it is not as easy as I imagine before. I have to run it step by step and there are so much steps in it. I must admit that I’m a bit perfectionist person, so I want all of these steps are prepared and running well. So I wrote it down, step to step, up to down, and after that I did them all base on the steps I wrote. Every step I had done, I checked it. Praise the lord, it’s perfectly finished in 3days. HaHaHa I know exactly how to Live My Life! How about you guys? ;)

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this moment to share my photographs, some pictures that I took about a months ago. I did photoshoot with my friend, u know who (I told you his name on my previous post) this time we went to the place that chosen by me. I always pick a location that I ever passed it by, because I already know exactly how the situations and conditions in there. So we did some shoot, there are classic style buildings as my background (I love it), bay view, rocks, grass, and a little tree that line just like in the woods. Well, what I wore is my pink T-shirt by 61, unbranded plaid shirt, short by Planet Surf, unbranded shoe, and an ethnic neckleace. Such a simple streetstyle for doing afternoon photoshoot. I wear what I want to wear, my style depend on my mood.

I love this one. I love the building background, my friend shoot me very well. Actually that was a store and house block. what do you think?

The circumstances when sun is set seems so beautiful. Amazing!

Before we went back home, I sat on the rock and looking at the ocean when the sun goes down, and the burning sun in the afternoon sky, it was really awesome!

Welcome summer holiday! I know this year is gonna be a sort summer holiday for me, because at the end of 6th semester, I gotta following the university activity called “Kuliah Kerja Nyata” or let’s say KKN that will be held on the middle of july. It will be running about two months or more. So, I have to enjoy my 3weeks holiday. What’s on the movie? Let’s go fellas :D