07 April, 2012


Vanilla Ice Cream is a perfect thing to start this blog post in this sunny day. First, I wanna say Happy Easter to all of you guys wherever you are. Even tho I’m not celebrate it, but as I know how big the meaning of a sacrifice that Jesus do and his sacrifice can be our role model in our lives. Well guys, Feliz Pasqua to all of you. Hopefully we can be people who willing to sacrifice for others. And yeah, let’s enjoy this very long weekend.

This time I’m gonna talk about photography. I love doing photoshoot anyway. Me and my friend Faisal Djaya always make a concept for our monthly photoshoot program. Let me tell you a secret, there is a little business inside hehe. But so far he’s the best photographer indeed. He know exactly how to shoot, take a great angle, and make the object look adorable. He always think out of box.

So, our concept for this moment is white. He told me before we did the photoshoot that he wants to make my pictures become black and white effect or grayscale effect, all of them. So he asked me to wear a plain white shirt, mix with cream long pants without not too much accessories or material. Just use a watch for make my style simply but gorgeous so it will look like a mature gentle man. Haha. So bellow are the photoshoots result. Let’s scroll it down :D

What a great view of town! Love it. xoxo

I Love this one of all. The bridge was totally awesome. I was so happy been there.

I make different touch in this picture. And my friend said this one is great :’)


Shirt: Number 61
Tees: Giordano
Pants: Unbranded
Shoes: Vans
Watch: DKNY

Anyway , I haven’t tell you about the location yet. Guess what? Those pictures are taken in a new half bridge which the bridge is climbed up and not connected to the next edge of bridge. So if you look down, I beg you will scream out, because it's literally located on a high. And underneath there is only water and the surrounding harbor. But there are so much beautiful view that you can catch there. Manado city view, some stores and the other side you can found the sea view and some islands. Of course it was really amazing. Someday, I wanna go back there again!