10 February, 2013


In life, there is always something that i don’t really understand. When I ask to myself “why?” but then I can’t figure out the answer. All I can do is just overcome it and live it. Life is really full of surprises, sadness, happiness, so unpredictable. Things are changed, people changed, I enjoyed it. Some people try to bring me down, but I stay strong. Let me say I am Titanium. Hard times makes me learn how to be strong, and somehow  I can be stronger than I know. I’m living my life and put all the things in God hands. Anyway, I wore a very simple outfit on my picture bellow. It was taken when I was visiting my friend’s house. Hope you like it.


Will Smith

George Washington Carver

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Guy Overboard said...

Thanks for your comment!
I follow you :)

Anonymous said...

Yoyu look so nice :) We can follow each other ;) Let me know!

dimitri said...

Love these photos and your outfit is really great.
Have a lovely week.

Sara said...

Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your pants, what a great color and that shirt is nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also your shoes rock! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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stylentonic Constantinos said...

Cool shirt! xxx


samecookiesdifferent said...

x the cookies


Great shirt and nice inspirational words! :) /Madison

sabrina maida said...

nice shirt :) nice photo


Barbara Materi said...

I totally agree with your words! I follow you now with Google friend connect! Hope you'll do the same! I wait for you in my blog!



Marco Ferrero said...

I like your Blog! :)


A Pinhead said...

I'm glad I came across your blog!

I really like the quotes, I need something inspirational today. I'm your new follower :)


Anonymous said...

watching you and invite you to me today with a new professional styling session

Anonymous said...

I'm following from now and waiting for you ;)

fhenny said...

such chic daily outfit!
happy weekend
style frontier

zoë said...

cool outfit!
btw i love that song, very empowering.
thumbs up dude!


Prisilia Felicia said...

nice shirt! and I agree with you, you won't know how strong you are until you have no choice :D

Novarinna Tan said...

Cool outfit.. i love your shirt !!!!

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Thank u so much <3

Nicola @ The Sequin Cinderella said...

You look cool :)


Andudei Hardyanta said...

nice black shirt, good!

GlamShion said...

nice photos!!:)


dwiki cahya ramadhan said...

ah great blog post ! heheh
followed you,can we follow each other ?


keep in touch ;>
cheers from jakarta

felix said...

cute look :))) and sweet setting

Jeeh Neumann said...

Great Post!!



Anthea Lau said...

nice and simple shirt!


megcasson said...

i love it, amazing.


AuL Howler said...

cool look!
Simple but chic!

Anonymous said...

cute boy ;)


Agnes Koriston said...

great outfit! :D


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M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

nice look! i love your shirt..

Hei Echa!

Dyah Paramita Saraswati said...

nice look :)

mualliffachrozi said...

suka sama foto2nya, kereeen:))
kalau kamu punya waktu luang, mungkin kamu bisa jalan2 ke blog aku ya, dan berharap kamu mau followback blog aku, aku sdh follow blog kamu loh, semoga bisa saling share...
senang berkenalan...


Nadya Putri said...

i like your shirt! really cool! anyway, where can i contact you? i wanna ask you about a collaboration project

Anisa Fathin said...

gorgeus! i already follow ur blog, mind to follow my blog back? ^^



Princess Xinni said...

Hey you´ve a great blog!
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Rakel said...

so nice look!follow each other? let me know!


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Lovely post !!


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Pierluigi Musco said...

beautiful pics!!