18 January, 2013


Hello guys! seriously I miss blogging. This just a quick post. Actually there are so much things I wanna share to you guys but it’s too much. But exactly, I had an amazing new year eve with my family, I’ve faced my internship duty since 3rd of January (that’s what makes me busy) so tiring, and finally I have chance for updating my blog.

Guys, what is your resolution this year? To be honest, I didn’t write any resolution this year, but the only thing across my mind is I must graduate from university really soon. I really can’t wait for graduation and after that will apply to some company to get an occupation. New year means new hope for me. I always learn from mistake and always step forward, do the best for brighter future.

Well, these following pictures are the pictures that I took last year, in December before Christmas. Actually I wanna share it for Christmas season but I don’t know how I don’t even have much time to open my blog. But now here they are!


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