29 September, 2012


Heartache! Yeah this how I feel right now. Isn’t sad? When a friend that you really consider as your friend, talk behind your back? moreover they tell to other people that they hates you. It’s currently happened to me and it’s extremely hurt me indeed. I don’t know what I’ve done until he do this to me. I really had no idea why it is supposed to happen. Oh God! I’m speechless. But life too short to be sad. How people treat me is their karma, how I react is mine. I can only learn from this situation. Just let it be, there are so much people out there who can be my friends though. Just forgive them even this treason can’t be forgotten. Never mind!

Well, I was did a photoshoot last week for my blog, but unfortunately I had chance to post it today because I was busy with my campus thingy and had done my assignments. But better late than never right? So this time I just think that I have to wear my Brown Vest that I bought couple months ago. Actually that day I wore full Brown outfit from up to bottom. I just love to pair all the same color into my outfit especially brown. That was my Brown day out, I went out with my friends and had so much fun. Here are the look! Comment please. xo

Picture with my bestie Rindang, she is a funny girl.

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12 September, 2012


Yesterday I went to the movie just for watching The Cabin in The Woods because I’m so curious about this movie. I love horror movies, It will scream me out if it was totally scary. And about this movie I don’t know why I have no idea about what is the purpose of the story? I just watched it, scream and so on. And the ending of the movie was so unexpected, I actually want a happy ending even just one person alive but in fact at the end of the story, no one alive. Ok, never mind.  Btw, I currently love a stuff called “Mustache” but of course a fake mustache, handmade. It is cute, it is unique. I had one from my friend, she made it by herself. So excitedly I put it under my nose and capturing myself. It was FUN! How do l look like? Cute or? lol

04 September, 2012


Hello guys, nice to see you again. I miss blogging so much, I always say it when feels like it’s been long time didn’t open my blog, checking comments, reading posts, etc. Now I’m about ready to back, hope I could make a new post as many as I want because it was such a very long time i break from this lovely site. Ok, I’d love to share a moment I had  about few weeks ago. Exactly 2nd day after celebrating Eid Mubarak, me and my campus mates (they are Christian, Arel, Immanuel, Vivid, and Selmy) had such a great moment. We went to the one of recreation place located in Tomohon, North Sulawesi which is a lake called Linau Lake. It was a beautiful lake, amazingly green, dazzling, and the view around was awesome as well. The weather was kinda cold, because this lake is located in the highlands. There we were laughed around, had so much fun and of course we were took pictures as many as we want that day.

After having fun at Linau Lake, some of us are seems like hungry including me. So we decided to go to culinary places located in Boulevard Tondano which has a rice field view. The natural shades was so pronounced. Ok, the favorite menu in this place called Sate Kolombi which is a grilled conch meat. Omg the texture feels supple and a bit bland if you bite it. This is my first time to taste it. I didn’t attached any pictures about this kind of food. I only ate one piece actually.

I don’t know how to describe my style. I was not well-prepared. I was in hurry, so I just wore my pants and grabbed my sandals. Do I look weird? Yes, I do. lol

From left to right: Immanuel, Selmy, Vivid, Christian, and me :D

Such a happy family right? lol

Beautiful view and the circumstances was amazing. We had a great time there.

Nice expression guys. looks so cheerful and peace. Haha

It was unexpected we met our lecturer, Ma’am Joice. Cheers!

We look so funny in this picture aren’t we? I miss that moment anyway.

The last pose in Boulevard Tondano before we’re going back to Manado.

Havin’ a cup of tea and cookies for warming up our body.

So we are Indonesia’s next top model. Aren’t we? Seriously? Lmao XD

On the way back to the car. Ready for leaving Linau Lake. Huhu

Actually, there are so much moments and experiences I've been through lately, but I cannot write them all here because it’s gonna be such a long long story. Maybe I will tell you if we have time to meet. Anyway, I’m a bit sad because holiday is over. Now, I’m going back to the college activities. Struggling with tasks and case study. It’s a senior year, I’m in 7th semester right now. So I must be focus on my college and study more hard for my better future. Thanks guys for reading my blog and see you soon. xx