04 July, 2012


The last Tuesday I went to the movie with my friends for watching the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man and it is such a cool movie. The new cast of Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield portray the character Peter Parker very well and Emma Stone who portray Gwen Stacy is really pretty, smart, and adorable. The stories is not really bad than the previous Spider-Man movies. It was an amazing movie for this summer, you should watch it, very recommended. After that, my friend Sally ask me to accompany her to find some hotels because her boyfriend from Aussie will come in Friday. We went to the hotel to hotel, pick the best one and book it. Oh my God, exhausting btw. But it will never wrong to help others, especially she is a friend of mine. I’d love helping people hehe.

As I said before on my last post, I’m going to show you my newest look and this time I wore denim. Yeah, I’ve been so in love with this item since I was a child. And now I become a real denim lover, everytime I went to clothing stores the very first item that will got my attention was denim. Even tho when I don’t have enough money, I’d still grab it and try it in the fitting room. Well I just bought a denim shirt, its lovely! It has pieces of half-arm so that I don’t have to fold it again. And there’s adhesive on the collar. Aaahh love it! Oh ya, these pictures was taken by Zenta, as I told you before I was did fashion photoshoot with her. She’s become my new partner anyway.

– Mossimo Giannulli

– Miles Siggins

02 July, 2012


Hello fellas! Let me introduce you my campusmate, actually my junior. Her name is Zenta, she has an alternate name called ZentaZenti haha lol, and it is become her twitter name as well (you might follow her if you want). She is a good girl, nice person, kinda spoiled, smart (maybe), passionate, but the most important she know everything about fashion, she know how to dressed well,  and I think she has a good sense in fashion. That’s why we’re connect each other, we’re talking about fashion the most. Anyway, she loves everything about Japanese style, Harajuku Lolita style, or something like that. Furthermore, she loves Australian. She told me that someday she wants to marry an Australian guy and live happily ever after there. So boys, especially Australian, go get her! She is single now haha.. this is not about promoting her, I just want to share about this eenie meenie itchy girl, as I know that she doesn’t have any blog. I’ve decided to write about her on my blog since few times I met her. Because SHE IS NICE!

Yesterday, we went to somewhere. We’re about actualize our plan (many many times been postponed) doing a fashion photoshoot together. OMG that was so hot (burning by the sun), but there are so much crazy freaky funny moments during the shoots. As I said before, Zenta has a good sense of fashion. Check these out!


Ribbon Clip : Handmade
Glasses : Charles Keith
Mini Lolita Dress : Ninety Degree
Soft Pink Cardigan : Craze Blaze
Black Lolita Heels : Vercelly

So, what do you think about Zenta’s look? Is it cute right? feel free to leave some comments. Or if you wanna say something to her, soon I’ll send your regards to her. Well, upcoming post will be my look. See you soon! xoxo