20 March, 2012


Lately, the weather in my city is kinda unpredictable. Sometimes raining and suddenly hot, very unpredictable. That funny thing happened when I was about going to my office. I looked up the sky and I saw it getting darker, ok I guess probably it will rain. So I wore my sweater because I think it might be cold. But guess what? After I walked a few steps from my home and the sky was extremely change, the sunlight showed up and I’m getting hot. Oh damn it, my heart says “congratulation Nino you’re pick a wrong costume”. But never mind, it just some of the funniest moment in this month. Whatever things gonna happen, life must goes on.

Well, this time (again and again) I’m attaching my old pictures. As I remember, when I took these picture the weather also kinda cloudy. After finished photoshoot and then the rain falls, but so lucky it fall down after I done taking some pictures. Anyway, I always feel comfort wearing black sweater in a cloudy weather situation. It brings me warm I guess. Not only black sweater,  but also black tee and black shirt can make me feel comfortable. I usually wearing black at night and sometimes in the afternoon, cause I think wearing black in daytime is not good. It makes me stiflingly hot. Maybe it is happened with you as well.

This week, I’m gonna face the mid-term examination. I’m totally worry about it. Just to be honest I haven’t make any preparation for it. I don’t even done with my assignments. Maybe lately I’m just focus in my job without paying more attention to my study. But I always believe, no matter what, I can pass it all. I’m sure about it. I just need to dividing my time and complete them all one by one. Hope you guys pray for me. Hehe.. see ya!