17 May, 2012


Whoaaa I’m back! Miss you guys xoxo. I miss blogging anyway. It’s been one month since my last post. And now, I’m about back to see all of your beautiful post, pictures, writes, comments, and everything. Blogging always makes me happy, because I can feel the blogsphere really alive. Love to see those pictures from people around the world, we can communicate each other through comments, and share everything about our daily life story. That’s why I just want to keep on blogging all the time.

Life is always giving us some lessons to be learned. Life gets up and down, so when we are in up right now, we must be ready to get down someday. Yeah, life is like a roller coaster indeed. But don’t be worried, every single problem makes us to be more mature. Just enjoy your life, because You Only Life Once. For me, every pressure I’ve ever suffered can be my lesson or just like an exam to be a better person. I learn from failure as well. Sometimes I feel I had a very sucks life ever, but when I saw around, I found there are some people who gets worst than me, so I thank god. I always try to think positively and give my best smile for the people even for those who hurt me. I’ve learned so much lessons in this month.

Anyway, I make some simple pictures using my MacBook Photo Booth  to show you guys my expression and emotion. Even though when I’m stressing out, coz of too much problem, too much pressure, heartbreak, too much tasks and another shits happens, I still can smile, looks happy, laugh, scream, show my teeth, act silly, and make jokes. Because I don’t want to make my cute face ruined by unnecessary things. Because if we stay mad and showing an angry or unhappy face, it just makes us get old. So let’s enjoy this life. Life is not fair but it’s still good. Laugh as loud as you can, and Love as long as you live.