12 November, 2011


This time, I’m gonna talk about movie. Anyway, last Friday I went to the movie theatre and I watched “REAL STEEL”. When I saw the movie cover, I just didn’t definitely interesting with it. But I just curious as I know don’t judge a movie by it’s cover right? Well, I watched it and you know, it was so freakin’ me out! The movie was totally cool. I got myself twisted.  I never thought this movie was amazing. instead of that, the one thing that touched me was the moral story inside it. I do really sensitive with story about father and his son. So at the end of the movie, I was so touched and I just wanna cry, but I can’t because my friends were next to me. I don’t wanna let them see that I’m crying.

Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
Kevin Durand as Ricky
Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
Olga Fonda as Farra Lemcova
Karl Yune as Mashido


This film tells about Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who is very fond of collecting some sophisticated robots and advanced them into the robots fight. One day, he was reunited with his son Max Kenton ,which since the child was born, he never caring about Max for eleven years. And the story between the two of them began when during an incident, Max found an old robot that ultimately led them to victory. This story really touched me, because the story of father and his son is a bit similar to what i wanted to feel all about this is how it feels to have and loved by a father. Not everyone has a complete family. Therefore you guys who still have a complete parents, love them sincerely.

Omg guys.. if you haven’t watch it yet then you gotta watch it soon. I recommend you! It’s not just about how cool this movie is, but also the moral story inside. Okay guys, see ya again!

09 November, 2011


This is the second time I did photoshoot  with Shintya and Fero. Actually, me and Fero didn’t know exactly where is the location that we’re going to do some shoot. I asked Shintya “where we going to go for photoshoot?” and Shintya said “you will know later”. Finally shintya brang us to the place that quite wide where that place is kinda a lonely place and so far from hustle. We named that place as Secrete Palace or a secret place where only three of us who know it hihi..

Weather that day was kinda hot for photoshoot. But seems like it doesn’t really matter for us because we pushed by our intention. funny incident occurred when Shintya and Fero wants to changed their costum. There’s no  enclosed places in there for changing dress. Both of them squeeze in between the dense grasses and overlap each other while the other one changing dress. And occasionally fero shouted “Ninooo!! Don’t you ever dare to look at here, close your eyes!!” LOL it was so awkward you know :D but that day was really exciting. Feels like the place belongs to the three of us. Hmm.. there are some pictures that I can share to you guys. please submit your comment, it’s my pleasure to read it ;)

I wore my plaid yellow shirt (my brother’s gift), white tee by Nevada, a neckleace, a watch by Sophie Marthin, cream pants by Hammer, and unbranded shoe.

me with @feronikarochadi

me with @tealova91

I’m still thinking for the next blog post, and fashion is totally inspiring me. Hope you guys keeping up with me and don’t hesitate for asking me some questions.

01 November, 2011


Actually, this party has been running from a few months ago. But at that time I haven’t make a blog yet, but now it doesn’t matter right if I’m posting it into my blog and share it out to all you guys. Well, IBA (International Business Administration) Night is an annual party in my college who held by IBA students as the party committee where all the batch of IBA students can come and join the party together. There are some sessions ranging from performing arts events, marketing competition, music, drama, dance, and many more. This party require a different theme and dress code in every year and this year the theme is “Alive Within” and the dress code is “World Outfit” you can dress up whatever you want but still following the rule you must wearing outfit that reflect the characteristics of a state. for example if you wore a Kimono means that you wore a Japanese outfit. So I came with my friends, we dressed differently, and we really enjoyed party that night !!

I duno where exactly my style is. It just came to my mind haha :D what do you guys think? Is it looks weird or? hmm, gimme your comment please…

                   among the girls, lmaooo!! Look at them! They looks so pretty right with their own outfit?!

There will be different theme next year. I heard that Fairy Tale for the next dress code. Hmm.. me and my friends will prepare for it. But I’m still thinking for the best dress I’m going to wear!! Help me guys, what should I wear for the party later ;) leave me comment yaa.. c u guys! xoxo