01 November, 2011


Actually, this party has been running from a few months ago. But at that time I haven’t make a blog yet, but now it doesn’t matter right if I’m posting it into my blog and share it out to all you guys. Well, IBA (International Business Administration) Night is an annual party in my college who held by IBA students as the party committee where all the batch of IBA students can come and join the party together. There are some sessions ranging from performing arts events, marketing competition, music, drama, dance, and many more. This party require a different theme and dress code in every year and this year the theme is “Alive Within” and the dress code is “World Outfit” you can dress up whatever you want but still following the rule you must wearing outfit that reflect the characteristics of a state. for example if you wore a Kimono means that you wore a Japanese outfit. So I came with my friends, we dressed differently, and we really enjoyed party that night !!

I duno where exactly my style is. It just came to my mind haha :D what do you guys think? Is it looks weird or? hmm, gimme your comment please…

                   among the girls, lmaooo!! Look at them! They looks so pretty right with their own outfit?!

There will be different theme next year. I heard that Fairy Tale for the next dress code. Hmm.. me and my friends will prepare for it. But I’m still thinking for the best dress I’m going to wear!! Help me guys, what should I wear for the party later ;) leave me comment yaa.. c u guys! xoxo


Erika said...

I love your outfit!

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Fabrizia said...

These photos are so cute, and you look so good! I like this post!
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Cosa mi metto???

Nino Reyzky said...

@Erika : thankyou so much :) i followed you !

Nino Reyzky said...

@Fabrizia : awh.. thankyou :) so glad to hear that ! i followed you ;)