31 October, 2011


Sunday is over. It is really unhappy to know that today is Monday. You know, its mean that I have to prepare myself to back to college activity and oh no! unfortunately, I have group assignment to be presentation later. Well, its okay I must be cheer up, this all for my successful future ahead hehe.. at least, my Sunday was fun enough. I went to Fero’s house, we spent time together, watching tv, made a cake, and so many other funny things. It was FUN! And finally I went back to my house, so sleepy and I slept. Suddenly, I’m awake and cannot sleep anymore. So I think I’d better to type some writing for my blog and then here I am, in front of my laptop, and writing :)

Anyway guys, what is your favorite color? i’m gonna tell you that I do love BLUE! So, that’s why the half of my blog template is basically blue. Blue is an hilarious color for me, if I wore blue stuffs I feel warm and comfort. Long time before, when I was in 3rd semester, I was joined photoshoot with my bestie Shintya and the other friends. We went to the Blue Banter as this location already sealed and desolate for doing photoshoot. For this moment, I wore my Blue striped Vneck I mixed and matched with my black silk shirt (I got from my brother), blue jeans, and my blue navy shoe. I used to dress in the color that related with the base color my shirt, and matching from up to bottom. That day was the day where I did a photoshoot with Shintya without Fero, as I’ve been told you before, I always be together with both of them. Guys, whatever your favorite color is, don’t hesitate to wore it as your outfit color wherever you go, when you hanging out with your friends, going out with your family, its gonna make you feel totally comfort!!

Black Shirt: Polo . Blue tee: Details . Jeans: Unbranded . Photograph by @tealova91

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