28 October, 2011


FYI, I do love everything about photography and the art inside. But unfortunately I don’t have professional camera yet. So, I joined my bestie Shintya for photoshoot. She has her own camera and then she being the photograph of me and my friends also. Well, I don’t mind if I just being the model, because I like it too. Though, I must be learn more for photo-taking to become a good result and so on. If someday I already have my own camera, I would exactly learn from her and the other photograph. So far, doing photoshoot with some friends especially with my bestie Shintya and Fero is really makes me happy. I Love them anyway :)


this photo was taken by Shintya, haha me n fero looks like an Innocent nerd :p

taken by Shintya also. Love it :)

taken by Fero.

and its taken by Me :D watcha think?

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