26 October, 2011


Well, this is my first writing in this blog. Hmm.. you know I do love when I open and read a blog from the blogger that I have known. I could learn so much thing from them, and they really inspired me as I always think maybe someday I will also make a blog like them. Yesterday, when there’s no any lecturer attend our class, me and my friends were chilling in the class and talked much. Suddenly, both of my classmates Vivid and Shintya who already has blog site before, they were invited or let say stimulated me to make a blog site. They told me that wrote or posted something in blog is kinda fun. Moreover, in my city is still less blogger that exist yet. So, without any consideration, I straight to decided and arranged some plan to make a blog tomorrow. I asked both of them about how are the steps for making blog site, and they excitedly explain those steps. Hmm.. I hope its gonna be FUN! Thanks to Vivid and Shintya who has been forced me and make me sure to make a blog of mine sooner. I will do learn so much from you guys! ;)

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