22 October, 2012


I recently know that Scorpio’s are so moody. They said Scorpio’s mood change like a pendulum on a clock. Can you imagine how quick it is? Yeah I’m a Scorpio, sometimes when I face situation that really pissed me off, my mood quickly changed like 180 degree. Loses all the happiness destroyed by such unnecessary things. If it was happened, all I can do is to find my mood booster, because I don’t want to be upset all the time. I should be happy, happy, and happy. I won’t let anger suck me up. So mood booster is my medicine, it can be Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cakes, or Candy. They can boost up my mood and take it back to 100% level. Hehe

This is my mood booster. What is yours? Let me know!

See you soon!

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12 October, 2012


I must admit that I’m not totally freak of any kind of sport or physical exercise. I rarely do sport, perhaps in one week you can count by your five fingers how many times I do sport. Once in a week and even nothing at all. I know everyone should do sport for a healthy life but maybe I’m too busy hehe. But I still have favorite sports to do such as Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, and I don’t know why I don’t really like Football as we know it is a famous sport in the world. But I’d like to watch football match in TV together with family but only on a big match like World Cup or Euro hehe. It was really fun actually. So what’s your favorite sports? Tell me!

Well, I just think about sporty style and then as you can see on those pictures bellow I’m wearing my navy blue sweater that wrote “CAMPER THE BEST 1 HUGGABLE” I love it! It so warm on my body moreover the weather on that afternoon was a bit cold, also I wore my blue hat. Do I look sporty? My friend told me so.

Life is full of drama isn’t it? I have no idea why people can talk behind my back and in front of me they pretend like they never, they act so sweet and kind. Sucha fake! Sometimes they mock people, whereas they didn’t see themselves first before they judged people. They’re not better, they even worst. Perhaps, they was born to be like that. It so pathetic! Unless they are able to change their attitude. I think just don’t give attention to them, walk straight and don’t care about what them say. We are precious! xoxo

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