12 November, 2011


This time, I’m gonna talk about movie. Anyway, last Friday I went to the movie theatre and I watched “REAL STEEL”. When I saw the movie cover, I just didn’t definitely interesting with it. But I just curious as I know don’t judge a movie by it’s cover right? Well, I watched it and you know, it was so freakin’ me out! The movie was totally cool. I got myself twisted.  I never thought this movie was amazing. instead of that, the one thing that touched me was the moral story inside it. I do really sensitive with story about father and his son. So at the end of the movie, I was so touched and I just wanna cry, but I can’t because my friends were next to me. I don’t wanna let them see that I’m crying.

Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
Kevin Durand as Ricky
Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
Olga Fonda as Farra Lemcova
Karl Yune as Mashido


This film tells about Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who is very fond of collecting some sophisticated robots and advanced them into the robots fight. One day, he was reunited with his son Max Kenton ,which since the child was born, he never caring about Max for eleven years. And the story between the two of them began when during an incident, Max found an old robot that ultimately led them to victory. This story really touched me, because the story of father and his son is a bit similar to what i wanted to feel all about this is how it feels to have and loved by a father. Not everyone has a complete family. Therefore you guys who still have a complete parents, love them sincerely.

Omg guys.. if you haven’t watch it yet then you gotta watch it soon. I recommend you! It’s not just about how cool this movie is, but also the moral story inside. Okay guys, see ya again!

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loving your blog's background image so much nino! keep blogging! :)