24 January, 2012


Hello there, so happy to be back again, finally I can get my free time after the busiest moment lately. Why I said busy? Yeah, now I’m gonna tell you the reason why. Two weeks ago my friend just text me and he asked me if I like to write a news and if I want to become the one of the authors. and of course I said Yes, it’s a precious opportunity for me. as u guys know I love writing and that’s why I make this blog. So, I’ve joined with the one of local Newspaper in my country as journalist especially as writer. I’m not alone, I have another crew they are Gavrila, Widi, Kenjiro, and Glenry. So, we are five as a team, and we are Xpresi Manado Post crew. We are seems so freak, smart and creative as well. and that became our job is to create news about teenagers every day with different topics. The process starts from make a list of topics, contact model and people for interviewing, typing the news, and  make design for layout and illustration. And it’s been running about one week more since I joined in it. And because I’m kinda busy, I don’t even have any other special shoot like I always do to attach this time. But I have some that I could share with you.


Left to Right: Gavrila, Kenjiro, Widi, Nino, without Glenry (Photograph)

This is our special issue for Xpresi 10 Anniversary

This one is our special issue for Manado Post 26 Anniversary

So far, I enjoyed this job. My first experience at office, I’ve saw those another worker looks so hectic. They typing until midnight, and don’t even get tired. There’s always a reason to be learned from other people. Even though sometimes I feel so tired and I started to miss being lazy around at home, watchin tv, and everything but, this is my choice. I won’t play with it. One step ahead, must be serious and focus instead. And I wish I can bring the best.


Vina Yabut said...

Goodluck with your job! And sure we can be gfc friends! Following you now :)


Harija said...

Good Luck and hope everything turns out well!

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dimitri said...

Good luck with your job. I'm sure your choice is good.
It's a very nice post.

Rebecca said...

Good luck! Sounds like a wonderful experience

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Lola Finn said...

nice photo below :)

Karina Dinda R. said...

Such a great post, love it ^^ Good luck with your job :)

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Sick by Trend said...

Good luck with your job! Nice post :)



christian said...

Good luck with your job, I hope you enjoy it!


Adrianka said...

Nice job ! I wish you a good luck :)